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Attention Bankers and Aspiring Bankers

Build your career in Credit Risk

Whether you are an aspiring banker hoping to start a career in banking or a seasoned banker looking to enhance your strategic banking and credit analysis expertise, you have come to the right place.

The Credit Risk Store is the latest project of the 6 Sigma Group. Here you can find from entry-level e-courses for new and/or aspiring bankers to intermediate e-courses for medium-level bankers, all the way to advanced products for senior bankers and top management.

The e-courses have been developed by bankers for bankers after building a strong reputation in the market working in banking and training some of the most senior bankers in the region.

Don’t delay. Get started today and invest in your banking career.

Explore which of the following products is right for you!

Aspiring Bankers

For aspiring new entrants to the Credit Risk world or existing bankers with limited experience in this field.
These products are for you if:
  • You are looking at entering into the Banking field,
  • You are an existing banker and want to shift into credit risk analysis,
  • You want more out of routine credit analysis with particular focus on strategic decision making, or
  • You have up to two years of experience and feel you need more guidance in credit risk analysis.
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Mid-Career Bankers

For current bankers who have practiced Credit Risk analytical techniques but need a more holistic credit perspective on obligors, portfolios and strategy.
These products are for you if:
  • You have spent sufficient time in credit risk analysis to seek more advanced techniques in risk identification and measurement,
  • You need more experience in structuring specific products and linking obligor risk to relationship strategy,
  • You would like to better appreciate the impact of credit decision making at a portfolio level,
  • Your primary focus is on upgrading your knowledge in credit risk and applying it effectively.
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Senior Management

From a technical angle, senior management should have control over the portfolio, understand specific product risks, and be able to create and manage a target market.
The products are for you if:
  • You are already a Division or Unit head or above,
  • You are working on a diverse portfolio of obligors, with different facility structured and industries,
  • You would like to better understand specific industries and related products,
  • Your primary focus is to better manage the portfolio risk rating and hence return on capital.
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