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  • Are you a Country, Division or Unit head responsible for a growing portfolio of credits, and are searching for a methodical way of managing them?
  • Are you working on a diverse portfolio of obligors and need to better understand and handle a wide range of Industries and related Products?
  • Do you feel that losses experienced at your bank could have been foreseen and avoided long before they materialized?
  • Do you want to learn more about how to better manage the portfolio risk rating and hence return on capital?
If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right place.
For senior bankers whose job is to grow the portfolio appropriately, manage and increase return on capital, and ensure that portfolio risk is controlled through best in Class techniques in line with the Basel Accords.
Our credit risk modules and certification introduces you to the world of senior banking in an easy to absorb and focused fashion. It provides you with an ability to fully appreciate the intricacies involved, the methodologies associated with measuring and controlling credit risk and what is needed to advance as a professional corporate and commercial banker.It provides you with the necessary tools to have stronger control over the portfolio, understand specific product risks, and be able to create and manage your target market.
The methodologies introduced in 6 Sigma’s Credit Risk modules and certification are acknowledged by a variety of bankers as essential tools for senior credit positions in banking.
Here are the products recommended for building a strong foundation in banking.

Credit Risk Management

6 Sigma Credit Risk Management online course series are intended to introduce methodologies that makes credit ...

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Portfolio Risk Rating and Stress Testing

The Portfolio Risk Rating and Stress Testing online course is designed to help you understand how to create ...

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