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Taking the e-learning course presented a lot of benefits and it was useful for me on the job. I took the course because it was requested by my the instructor and my colleagues who took the E learning strongly recommended that I take it. My main problem before taking the course revolved around the use of formulas, i.e. how and why to use them. Taking the course helped put all that into place. It also helped me to catch up what I missed during the live training and it provided me with the perfect notes to revise when needed.

Moataz Abdulla, MA Program, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

To me the CRM course was eye opening and gave me a glimpse of how bank funds should be allocated to improve a client’s business while maximizing bank profit. The cash flow analysis is probably the single most useful tool I acquired and has impacted the way I look at and examine financial statements. Not only was the seminar informative but the hands on approach of solving numerous live cases was extremely practical.

Youssef Chahine, Relationship Manager, BLOM Bank

Beirut, Lebanon

I have already started assessing my existing clients as per the new learnings of the CRM and I found out that its becoming more easy day by day. All your valuable points are noted and for sure I am putting more effort to develop my presentation skills

Mohamed Shafeeq, Relationship Manager, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the best programs I have attended in a very long time. The hands-on experience and skills acquired will enable me to have a fresh look at my portfolio and improve my credit assessments dramatically. It is true we worked very hard during these five days, but it was worth every minute of it. Thank you

Participant, Public Program Intermediate Credit

Beirut, Lebanon

I would personally love to thank you for this course. I learned a lot from you and I am sure I will learn more. I hope in the future we meet and I can show you how you made me change the way I see banking. When it comes to finance you are definitely my idol.

Mohammed Boges, Corporate Banking

Saudi Hollandi Bank, Saudi Arabia

You were the best, and not only me who said that, all of us (MA 6) said the same. You taught us things no one else could teach, because simply they don’t know.

Aous Chaalan, Corporate Banking

ADIB, Abu Dhabi